GETC Asia is a green technology company offering unique energy saving and indoor environmental solutions. Our array of eco-friendly technologies dramatically improves the indoor environment – creating safer, healthier and more comfortable working and living spaces.

We provide innovative, comprehensive solutions for air cleaning and sterilization, containment air filtration systems for removal of toxic and harmful airborne contaminants, eco-friendly green chemistry/nano technologies for enhancement of indoor environmental quality and fuel cell systems for sustainable power back-up.

GETC Asia has a proven track record in Singapore and the region. We deliver outstanding customer service and work to forge long-term relationship with each customer. By educating our customers about green technologies and offering leading-edge solutions that align with their business goals, we offer solutions to today's complex sustainability challenges.

Our Core Green Technologies

Our Steril-AireTM germicidal UVC emitter systems are deployed in all major hospitals and laboratories and commercial and institutional buildings in Singapore and around the world, to eliminate microbes and mould from the air and cooling coil surfaces and improve the health and well-being of building occupants. UV-irradiated ‘self-cleaning' cooling coils lead to enhanced heat transfer efficiency and energy savings. Energy savings of 21% have been achieved in buildings in Singapore.

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In the area of green chemistry, our PMITM nano Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst technology from Photocatalytic Materials Incorporated is used to improve indoor air quality and make external building façade ‘self-cleaning'. Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst coating is a revolutionary purifying and cleaning coating technology based on the most advanced nano-science - photocatalysis or photocatalytic oxidation. When the coating is activated by light, it decomposes all organic matters like bacteria, viruses, mould, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odours. Our PMITM Titanium Dioxide photocatalytic solution has been applied in MRT toilets throughout the North East Line in Singapore to improve sanitation standard, by killing germs and removing odours. The same technology has also been implemented in air-conditioning cooling coils in the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital for air and surface sterilization and odour removal.

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Complementing the germicidal UVC emitter and Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst technologies is our all-natural GelairTM tea tree oil gel-matrix solution . Made from top quality Australian tea tree oil, our gel-matrix releases tea tree oil vapour throughout the air-conditioning system to destroy mould, bacteria and viruses.
Our FlandersTM range of air filtration products offers very comprehensive clean air solutions from high-efficiency HEPA filters to HMZD (High Mass Zero Dust) carbon adsorbers to specialized BIBO (Bag-In/Bag-Out) containment filtration systems. Flanders' BIBO containment filtration systems are designed to trap and capture dangerous toxic or noxious air-borne contaminants for the most critical military, pharmaceutical, hospital and biomedical lab facilities.

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Our IdaTechTM eco-friendly fuel cell systems are installed in many Green Mark award-winning buildings in Singapore for sustainable power back-up. Fueled by hydrogen or methanol, fuel cells generate clean electrical power, producing hardly any greenhouse gases.

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Honeywell's electronic air filtration system works on the principle of electrostatic precipitation to remove about 95% of small irritants such as dust and smoke particles , mould spores , pollens , dust mites and other allergens. Its ability to remove particles as small as 0.01 micron helps to eliminate respirable-sized particles which can be harmful to the human respiratory system.

Environmental Stewardship

In every aspect of business today, organizations are realizing the need to perpetuate social, economic and environmental sustainability. They are stepping up to do their part by preserving environmental resources, promoting human welfare and reducing their carbon and environmental footprints.

At GETC Asia, we believe in the potential of green technologies to help people and businesses around the world improve the environment. Our goal is to help our clients integrate sustainable eco-friendly technologies into their building environment, to create high performance, healthy, comfortable and productive facilities. We will provide the stewardship to set high sustainability goals and clear direction, and innovation that constantly pushes the frontier of what is possible.