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Flanders Air Filtration and Containment Systems

About Flanders

Flanders has expertise in design, manufacturing and delivery of low efficiency , high efficiency and containment filtration products. Flanders air filtration products have been deployed for commercial and industrial HVAC applications which include semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials , chemical, biological, radiological and material processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, nuclear power and nuclear materials processing.

For over 35 years, Flanders remains the prime manufacturer of HEPA and HEGA containment systems for the most advanced military, pharmaceutical, hospital, and biotech lab facilities. Flanders sets the standard for the control of nuclear, biological and chemical airborne hazards. These design capabilities have proven to provide the best value for the application.

Flanders Air Filtration Products

Flanders manufactures an extensive range of filters ranging from Pleated Filters with Dust Spot Efficiency of 25-40% to ULPA Filters with Dust Spot Efficiency of 99.99999%, complying with European Efficiency Standard of U16 as per EN 779 and EN 1882. For control of odours and gaseous contamination, Flanders provides a full range of carbon filters ranging from FCP Carbon Pleat for removal of malodorous compounds at low concentration levels to HMZD (High Mass Zero Dust) bonded carbon panels with superior adsorption performance as there is no settling and no air bypass within the carbon bed.

Pleated Air Filters

Pre Pleat 40

Pre Pleat 62R M11

Pre Pleat M13

Medium and High Efficiency Extended Surface Filters

Precision Pak XDH

Precision Pak

Medium and High Efficiency Extended Surface Filters

Super-Flow V

Rigid Air


PrecisionCell II

Odour Control Filters

FCP Carbon Pleat

Vapor Clean

Super-Flow VC


Gaseous/Vapour Phase Side Load and Front Load Housings

Supercarb 90

Pureseal Front Access

HEGA Carbon Adsorber

ASHRAE Side Access Housings and Holding Frames

PF-1 Frame

Alpha Frame

Super-Flow 24

Gaseous/Vapour Phase Side Load and Front Load Housings

Alpha Cell

Radial Flow

Nipple Connected

HEPA Filters

Cleanroom Dimple Pleat

ESD Model 22 Channel Hood

Model 22 Channel Hood

Model A39 Airvelope

Portable Cleanrooms & Plenum System

Flanders/CSC Containment Filtration Systems

Flanders/CSC Corporation specializes in air filtration systems for removal of dangerous airborne contaminants. These systems are commonly referred to as "containment systems".

Containment systems are extremely high quality, high efficiency systems used to filter and contain dangerous particulate and/or gaseous contaminants.

All Flanders/CSC products are designed, developed and manufactured to exacting standards for control of dangerous, toxic, or noxious contaminants. Flanders/CSC serves customers for general ventilation and air conditioning systems, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotech facilities, universities, nuclear power and nuclear materials processing.

Flanders/CSC products meet the following standards:

•  ASME AG-1, N-509 and N-510

•  ASME NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program

•  ASME Section IX

Flanders/CSC bag-in / bag-out containment filter housings, known as the BF-Series or BG-Series are side serviced filter housings designed to meet the air filtration needs of industrial, research and military facilities that handle dangerous biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials. The bag-in / bag-out filter housing design protects the maintenance personnel changing the filters and the environment until the filters or adsorbers are disposed of properly.

The KF-Series  and KG-Series of Flanders/CSC containment filter housings provide the same high quality and high efficiency operation found in the BF-Series   and BG-Series   but does not include the bag-in / bag-out feature. For nuclear applications, Flanders/CSC offers ESF and Non-ESF filter systems, portable units and remotely operated filter housings specifically designed for "hot cell" applications.

Flanders/CSC manufactures Tray type and V-bed carbon adsorbers. A variety of sorbents are available, including activated carbons, impregnated carbons, Whetlerite and Cooperite carbon, alumina, dessicants, and others. For those applications where disposal of carbon adsorbers is a problem, Flanders/CSC offers the "combustible" Cinersorb filter, a high-efficiency carbon adsorber which may be safely incinerated after use.

Flanders/CSC also builds bubble-tight isolation dampers. Built to the same predetermined quality levels as other Flanders/CSC components, these dampers preserve the integrity of the entire containment filtration system.

In addition to manufacturing standard components, Flanders/CSC specializes in the design, manufacturing, and testing of complete custom filtration systems. Detailed engineering assures compatibility and maximum operating efficiency of housings, blower/motor assemblies, dampers, transitions, plenums, test ports, instrumentation, and other equipment.