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IdaTech Fuel Cells

About IdaTech

Founded in 1996, IdaTech designs and manufactures fuel cell systems for telecommunications and building automation applications. IdaTech's ElectraGen fuel cell systems provide extended run backup power to mobile network sites and computers and servers of building automation systems when there is loss of electrical power.

IdaTech's fuel cell products are a direct replacement to traditional power generators and provide customers with economic and environmental benefits. IdaTech's products provide immediate added value to users that adopt the technology by reducing operating and maintenance costs and emissions. 

IdaTech is commercializing fuel cell systems as an alternative and sustainable energy for telecommunication and building automation companies, lowering their greenhouse emissions and carbon footprint.

IdaTech's products are addressing customer needs in many countries around the world, especially those that are adopting green initiatives and encouraging alternative energy solutions.

Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells use hydrogen and oxygen, the molecules that create water, to produce electricity with no pollution. First conceived in 1839, fuel cells are silent electron factories with no moving parts and no combustion. Since that time, companies around the world have been developing and refining the technology as a means of replacing traditional battery and generator technologies and to help address some of the world's most difficult energy and environmental challenges

Today, IdaTech is among a few companies in the world leading the industry with commercially available fuel cell products.

How do Fuel Cells Work?

Picture Source: “Fuel Cells – Green Power”, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Fuel cells have two adjacent chambers - the anode side and the cathode side - separated by a membrane. Hydrogen gas enters the anode side where the atoms react with a platinum catalyst and release electrons. That chamber becomes flooded with free electrons and hydrogen protons, or hydrogen atoms stripped of their electrons.

The positively-charged hydrogen protons pass through the membrane into the cathode side of the fuel cell. The electrons flow out of the anode side to power a load. After running through the system wiring, the electrons re-enter the fuel cell on the cathode side, completing the electrical path.

On the cathode side, the hydrogen protons that slipped through the membrane combine with the free electrons and with oxygen molecules to produce pure water. You can envision a fuel cell as a system that borrows electrons from hydrogen, ships them off to do some useful work, such as running household appliances, and then grabs them back and partners them with oxygen to form water. The chemical equation is about as simple as it gets: 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O.

There are a handful of different types of fuel cells, distinguished primarily by the kind of membranes they use. IdaTech uses PEM-proton exchange membrane-fuel cells.

Because fuel cells do not have moving parts and do not rely on combustion, they are easy to maintain, very efficient, and quiet.

Product Lineup

IdaTech Fuel Cells

ElectraGen ME System

Next Generation Extended Run Backup Power Fuel Cell Systems

The ElectraGen™ ME System is an extended run backup power fuel cell system, available in 2.5 kW and 5 kW configurations. These systems provide reliable backup power for telecommunications and building automation applications.

The ElectraGen™ ME System includes a fuel reformer that converts methanol and water liquid fuel into hydrogen gas to power the unit. By generating its own hydrogen, the need for for delivery and storage of bottled hydrogen is eliminated.

This system is designed for reliability, long autonomy and minimal maintenance.

Download ElectraGenTM ME System data sheet

ElectraGen H2-I System

Extended Run Backup Power Fuel Cell Systems For Telecom

The ElectraGen™ H2-I System is a backup power fuel cell system, available in 2.5 kW and 5 kW configurations. These systems provide reliable backup power for telecommunications and building automation applications.

ElectraGen™ H2-I System operates on hydrogen, providing a clean technology with zero emissions and low environmental impact.

The ElectraGen™ H2-I Systems utilize advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology and are designed for critical backup power applications where performance, low maintenance and long service life are required. These products have lower lifecycle costs compared to high maintenance batteries and diesel generators.

Download ElectraGenTM H2-I System data sheet

Sustainable Energy

Why are Fuel Cells Green ?

Zero or low emissions
- Hydrogen fuel (zero emission)
- Methanol/water fuel (50% reduction in CO2 emission and 95% reduction in CO, NOX and SOX emissions compared with diesel gensets)
No particulate matter emissions
At least 20% more efficient than a diesel generator
Eliminate the high expenses of periodic replacement of batteries in UPS systems
No hazardous materials unlike batteries used in UPS systems
Very quiet
Renewable fuel (Bio-Methanol and Water)
Low operating cost
High efficiency