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About Bag-In Bag-Out (BIBO) Containment Filtration Systems

Need for BIBO Containment Filtration Systems

BIBO Containment Filtration System
Picture Source: Flanders / CSC

The need to increase  operation protection  in the hospital and biomedical research industry has never been greater. Filter elements inside the BIBO housing include High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters , High-Efficiency Gas Absorbers (HEGA) and associated pre-filters installed to increase the service life of downstream filters. BIBO Containment Filtration Systems filter out dangerous biological , radiological or carcinogenic materials from the exhaust of hospital and laboratory facilities. The bag-in / bag-out filter housing design protects the maintenance personnel changing the filters and the environment until the filters or adsorbers are disposed of properly.

Safe Changing and Disposal of Filters

Filter Change-Out Concept

Picture Source: Flanders / CSC
PVC Change-Out Bag

Picture Source: Flanders / CSC

Bags with integral gloves are used to seal the containment housing while changing filters that are contaminated with dangerous matter.  The bag is sealed to a flange located at the door opening of the containment section with a shock cord. Used filters are removed from their mount in the housing by reaching into the PVC gloves and sliding the filter into the bag. The bag is then sealed and removed and a new bag is mounted to the flange. The door is then closed and sealed and the unit placed back into service.